Keeping Shorts Chic, Street Style, and Classy in My Late 30's!

Hello again my faithful readers!  How y'all doing?! This week's blog post is inspired by 1) This Summer heat Texas is enduring and 2) Shorts become the best option for triple digit heat!  I also kick the that old saying in fashion once upon a time, that women after 30 years of age shouldn't wear short shorts or cutoffs!  Mind you all, I am 37, and I still wear cutoff's and short dress shorts!  They key for me is to give them a chic and street style look.  Styling them with pretty blouses, light blazers in the midst of Summer, and accessories to draw away from the shorts themselves! 

Of course, I not where I once was physically, but this mom of four still has the courage and confidence to pull these types of shorts off!  So don't be shy ladies, especially my ladies over 30!  Remember, you rock the outfit, don't let the outfit wear you!
Dress Shorts:  Dress shorts are my favorite in the Summer because you can pull off a chic look by adding pretty blouses, blouses…

Celeb Looks For Less: The JLo Spin-Off Look!

As you all can see, I am the biggest Jennifer Lopez fan there is!  I especially love how her style has evolved throughout her career and life!  I can identify with her style so much because her Latina roots just make it work every time for her!  She has a style that goes from athleisure, street style. street chic, glam, and Goddess like!  When I first started blogging I would do a lot of JLo looks for less!  I've recently started back up again and I want to continue doing JLo looks and many other celebrity style icons that have made their style known to the world!  And who's style has also caught my eye!

Now when I say looks for less, I mean this stay-at-home mom's budget!  And not necessarily copying the exact look from head to toe either, because I also try and make it my own with minimal changes!  But you get the overall picture of what I am doing!

Today's looks is inspired by Jennifer Lopez's outfit while in NYC back on July 1, 2018 with her daughter and ARod&#…

Re-Styling What Is Already In Your Closet!

Hello ladies and gents!  My faithful readers! For those that don't know, I have been watching my younger little sister's baby boy since she went back to work 6 weeks postpartum!  Since I am already a stay-at-home mother of four, I chose to help her out so my nephew wouldn't be in the hands of strangers!  Well let me just say, after having two independent school aged kiddos (my two youngest), this new journey is like me starting all over again!  So now I am juggling my kiddos, my nephew, all the duties that come with a household, husband, and kids, plus the blog!  All while still studying to re-take the law school entrance exam!  Don't ask me how, but I am managing somehow!

In learning how to juggle a newborn infant into my already chaotic life, I have drifted a bit away from my goals blogging for you guys, and for that I am so sorry!  Sometimes life happens and we have to handle it and juggle everything else we want to accomplish in life!  It has been a so-so transitio…

The Fab Five Fashionista's: Fourth of July Edition!

Every fashion blogger's dream!  To share outfits and give outfit ideas for major holidays like this one!  What I love about July 4th outfit inspo is that you can dress up or dress down, depending on where you will be!  There are looks for formal parties as well as casual looks for that outdoor barbecue!

And this time, my fashion blogger sister's and I bring you looks that are chic, casual, stylish, and ones you can easily afford!  Let me begin with showing you three looks I put together and where I found them!

My first look is casual and easy!  The red tube top under the button-up, the polka-dot button up, and the denim mini skirt are all from my local TJMaxx.  The tube top was $4.99, the polka-dot button up was on clearance for $8.00, and the denim mini was $14.99!  I kept it casual with all white Keds which I scored at my local Ross under $25.00 and the red tassel earrings are an older purchase from my local Forever21!

The next look was so much fun because it is perfect for …

The Summer Maxi Dresses I am Loving and Why!

This week's blog focuses on the maxi dress!  A style that I love for its sexy, bold, and romantic style!  This Summer I am especially loving maxi dresses that are bold in patterns and colors, off the shoulder, halter top, and tank top style!  Now, remember, I am only 5'3 and so I have to be careful that I purchase dresses that I can wear with heels or flats, and I won't trip over them!
This Season I have come to love stripes, bold colors, and off the shoulder a lot!  But I have also purchased some halter top styles and floral printed styles that have given me LIFE and made me feel like a Goddess!
The two dresses I styled below, I purchased from New York and Company during their BOGO half off sale!  I paid full price for one dress and half off the second!  The off the shoulder striped Tatiana Maxi dress was $89.95 and the Ariella halter maxi dress was $49.97!  I love that both dresses made me feel sexy, confident, and like a Latina Goddess! The accessories were easy to pair…

Jumpsuit Favorites Styled Easy and Affordable!

The Spring and Summer trend you've been seeing a lot lately are jumpsuits!  Jumpsuits in every color, pattern, style, long, mid-length, and prints of every kind!  I love jumpsuits, but they aren't as practical as they seem, so if you are going to wear one or are thinking of buying some, make sure you are aware of the extra work you will have when having to take bathroom breaks!  Some jumpsuits have back zippers and those require extra hands to help you zip up! 

Here are some tips I've learned throughout the years when wearing jumpsuits:

1) Always buy easy to pull off and on materials and styles;

2) Choose light fabrics for late Spring into Summer; and

3)  Affordable jumpsuits have to be easy to take off and put on!  You don't want to get stuck trying to call for help while in the ladies room!!

Also, for those ladies that are petite like me (5'3) make sure that if a long length jumpsuit is too long, will it be worth it to take it for alterations!  Very rarely do I h…