Breaking Out of Traditional Holiday Looks!

Hello to all my followers and Fashionsta readers!  This year, I will be doing something different for Holiday outfit ideas and breaking a bit away from full-blown traditional colors and patterns!

I won't say too much now because I want to surprise you all and see what you think and if its something that you would and could dare to do!

Stay tuned, because after Thanksgiving break, I will be posting and uploading my 2017 holiday outfit ideas and looks!  Along with posting the outfit photos, I will also be including where I bought them and how much!  Because I know that if you are like me, a stay-at-home mom of more than 1 child, we like to shop on a budget!

So make sure you come back to my blog beginning week after Thanksgiving for some outfit inspo and ideas!

As always, happy shopping and hope to see you guys stop by my blog again after the Thanksgiving holiday!



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