From a Two-Piece Look to a One-Piece Look!

Tis' the Season for crop tops and maxi skirts, short-long hem skirts, and maxi dresses!  I am in my late 30's and I still buy short shorts, crop tops, and even rompers!  I have always said, If I feel great in it, I am wearing it! No shame in my game!

Today's look is special because I bought it to match my daughter's floral dress for my 9 year old's First Communion!  But, I didn't want to wear a crop top to church, so, I decided to put a wide belt on it and it went from a two piece to a one piece, a dress!

The crop top and skirt are Xhiliration from Target and these two pieces I did pay regular price!  Only for the occasion!  Both were under $45.00, which is still not bad!  The belt Ive had a few months and the ankle strap block heels as well (Payless).  The ring handle bag is from Forever21!  The sunnies were a clearance find from Payless a few months ago under $5.00!  This look gives me all the Spring feels!

What I love the most, is that this look was put together in less than 24 hours with me shopping at Target five minutes before closing time on a Saturday night! The cashier was at awe that I ran in five minutes before they closed and took less than five minutes to grab an outfit and check out!!! I already had colors and patterns in mind, I was just so busy the last couple of weeks with family life changing moments, kids sick, etc. that I found myself shopping for me last! Kids and husband were all taken care of and outfits bought like a week before!

My creative mind came through 24 hours before the big day!  Now, that's a fashionista at heart!



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