I'm Not a Regular Mom, I'm Chic and Street Style Mom!

I'm not a regular Mom, I am a chic and street style mom!  What does this mean, you ask?  Well, it just means that I love dressing up even when I am feeling down, at my worst, or not in the mood!  And you all know that my style consist of chic and street style looks, and affordable ones too!  Today's blog post includes two pieces I absolutely fell in love with from the Gabrielle Union Collection for New York and Company!  I love that New York and Company makes it affordable for us by having major sale coupons like $100 off $200 and so forth!  This allows me to buy more than one piece at a time!  Several at that!

Today's two looks represent the street style and chic in me!  The Gabrielle Union Collection color block wrap dress was one of my absolute favorites because is represents the chic in me!  I love the color blocking and I also loved the asymmetrical cuts!  I styled it with highlighter green accessories!  My earrings were $2.99 from Cato Fashions and the matching purse was clearance under $14 at my local Target!

The second Gabrielle Union Collection look definitely brought out the street style in me!  This look made me feel fierce, bold, strong, and powerful!  Not to mention the hair and makeup by my talented sister-n-law definitely paired up perfectly with this outfit!  I love this romper!  I paired it with softer tassel earrings which were clearance $3.99 at Cato Fashions and the soft pink ankle strap heels from Payless (my gift from the store)!  Can y'all dig this look?!  I sure was feelin' it!!!

Now, let me just end the blog with saying that yes, you too can also give your looks that fierce, bold, million dollar feel without spending a lot!  I can certainly say that as a stay at home mom, we are more on a budget than those with double income!  But I always make it work so I don't put a whole in our wallet by shopping the best deals out there!  Thanks for stopping by, and as always, thanks so much for the support and for taking the time to read this blog post!



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