Celeb Looks For Less: The JLo Spin-Off Look!

As you all can see, I am the biggest Jennifer Lopez fan there is!  I especially love how her style has evolved throughout her career and life!  I can identify with her style so much because her Latina roots just make it work every time for her!  She has a style that goes from athleisure, street style. street chic, glam, and Goddess like!  When I first started blogging I would do a lot of JLo looks for less!  I've recently started back up again and I want to continue doing JLo looks and many other celebrity style icons that have made their style known to the world!  And who's style has also caught my eye!

Now when I say looks for less, I mean this stay-at-home mom's budget!  And not necessarily copying the exact look from head to toe either, because I also try and make it my own with minimal changes!  But you get the overall picture of what I am doing!

Today's looks is inspired by Jennifer Lopez's outfit while in NYC back on July 1, 2018 with her daughter and ARod's daughters!  A classic favorite of mine for Summer is always black and white!  She makes this look so effortless and chic!  I love a white tank and loose fit trousers!  Hers are accordion style which is hard to pull off if you are curvy!  Lucky for me I found my tank top and wide leg dress pants at Kohls!  My black wide leg satin dress pants are from her very own collection at Kohls!  I snagged them for just $25.99 (orig $44) on top of an additional 15% off!  My Sonoma white tank top is also from Kohls and was just $4.99.  I didn't belt my spin-off of her look because her wide leg dress pants for Kohls have details at the waist and I didn't want to cover them up!  I also opted for Gianni Bini black and white block heels instead of red like she is wearing in the picture!  I love her sunnies!  My look, I opted for these cute white squared shaped sunglasses which I found at my local Walgreen's at the beginning of Summer for just $7.99!

My spin-off look was just under $40.00 and that included the heels, which were gifted to me by my lovely mother!  All in all, these celeb looks for less are in some cases head-to-toe and in some they aren't, but you guys get the overall picture of what I am creating as a spin-off look for way way less! 

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my blog posts!  And thank you to all my loyal supporters who always have the sweetest of comments and feedback, it doesn't go unnoticed, trust me!  Love you all!  And for the negative one's, you shall remain unnoticed!  We have no room for that here!  All the love and positive vibes to all!



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