Keeping Shorts Chic, Street Style, and Classy in My Late 30's!

Hello again my faithful readers!  How y'all doing?! This week's blog post is inspired by 1) This Summer heat Texas is enduring and 2) Shorts become the best option for triple digit heat!  I also kick the that old saying in fashion once upon a time, that women after 30 years of age shouldn't wear short shorts or cutoffs!  Mind you all, I am 37, and I still wear cutoff's and short dress shorts!  They key for me is to give them a chic and street style look.  Styling them with pretty blouses, light blazers in the midst of Summer, and accessories to draw away from the shorts themselves! 

Of course, I not where I once was physically, but this mom of four still has the courage and confidence to pull these types of shorts off!  So don't be shy ladies, especially my ladies over 30!  Remember, you rock the outfit, don't let the outfit wear you!

Dress Shorts:  Dress shorts are my favorite in the Summer because you can pull off a chic look by adding pretty blouses, blouses with prints, belts, or just simply tucking that pretty blouse in!  During the Summer, I always opt for classics like black, navy, white, and red!  These tend to be my favorites to dress up for a date night with the hubby or a girl's night dinner and drinks!

Cutoff's:  Cutoff denim shorts are my obsession for Summer days outdoors, patio drinking, family gatherings, or just to be in on the weekend's!  But ladies beware, how raunchy can cutoff's be?  They can become too distracting if they are so distressed that they show more than what they should, so short that you can become exposed, and so short that, well, you might as well just wear panties alone!  I make them chic, sexy, and classy by buying them one size bigger so that they can be worn as high waist shorts and still be classy!  I also love styling cutoff's with sheer blouses, puff sleeve blouses, tanks, light blazers, and even button up shirts!  I style them with classic white tennis shoes, wedges, and block heels, depending on where I am going!

Paper Bag Waist Shorts:  What I love about this style of shorts, if that I can wear them with sandals, slides, or wedges for that casual yet chic look!  During the hot Summer's in Texas, I especially love linen paper bag waist shorts with simple light weight off  the shoulder tops!

So ladies, don't be shy and don't feel like short shorts aren't for you!  You will never know if you don't get a pair and wear them!  And by that, I mean rock them for your next date night, girl's night, family gathering, or brunch date!  Thanks for stopping by and I hope these tips and suggestions helped! 



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