Re-Styling What Is Already In Your Closet!

Hello ladies and gents!  My faithful readers! For those that don't know, I have been watching my younger little sister's baby boy since she went back to work 6 weeks postpartum!  Since I am already a stay-at-home mother of four, I chose to help her out so my nephew wouldn't be in the hands of strangers!  Well let me just say, after having two independent school aged kiddos (my two youngest), this new journey is like me starting all over again!  So now I am juggling my kiddos, my nephew, all the duties that come with a household, husband, and kids, plus the blog!  All while still studying to re-take the law school entrance exam!  Don't ask me how, but I am managing somehow!

In learning how to juggle a newborn infant into my already chaotic life, I have drifted a bit away from my goals blogging for you guys, and for that I am so sorry!  Sometimes life happens and we have to handle it and juggle everything else we want to accomplish in life!  It has been a so-so transition thus far and I am slowly coping with juggling my new schedule!  But I couldn't possibly tell my little sister no!  With that said, let's talk fashion!

Today, I wanted to write about shopping our own closets, because too many times we get caught up with trends, and buying the "it" item that we forget how much we already have in our closets that we can re-style Season after Season as long as the clothing permits!  Now there are items that I always keep around that I style several Season's like two or three before I recycle them!  Such as blazers, coats, classic tops, classic denim, and classic heels or boots!  And if Seasonal items like trendy tops will most likely be in the following Season, I keep those too!

Today's outfit is new meets old!  The sheer leaf print blouse from Target was purchased regular price several months ago (may no longer be available) and I have definitely worn it more than once!  I've styled it with denim shorts, skirts, and now with these floral high waist front tie shorts that were on clearance at Target also for $8.98!  I went with classic nude pumps (because the weather was good enough not to melt) which I've also had and they are from my local Payless!

Well, my dear readers and fashion lovers, until next time!  I promise I have more blogs and chats coming, don't lose faith in this Momma!  I got a bit overwhelmed trying to figure it all out, but I'm definitely not going anywhere anytime soon!  I hope to continue to inspire my Mommy's, women, and all who love my styled outfits and fashion inspired looks!  As always, thanks so much for stopping by to read along, and supporting my passion!



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