Leopard Print for Fall 2018!

Hey there my faithful readers, blogger's, and followers!  Fall is here, Fall is here, and I am here for it!  What is you favorite thing to wear for Fall?!  My favorite looks are blazers and denim!  Yes, blazers styled so many ways with denim!  And, of course leopard print everything!  Every season leopard print always makes a come back and this 2018 season, leopard print is one of the biggest trends!  Even leopard print over leopard print with leopard print accessories!  Okay, okay, but, this mom doesn't like looking like a leopard threw up on me, hence, I love showing you guys how to style the print without over doing it!

I have not said no to the head-to-toe leopard print styles though, remember the saying, "don't knock it till you try it", I don't completely ban it from my closet, because I have not tried it yet!  But, with it being this Season's biggest trend, I might just try it! Who knows!  Maybe I will like it!

I have two looks below that show you how to wear leopard print, but without over doing it!  I love styling my looks to show off the accessory or accessories so they can make my outfit pop!  The first look below, I styled a green linen button down belted dress with over the knee boots and a leopard print clutch to make my dress stand out!  The dress I purchased at a local boutique and the leopard print clutch and boots are several years old, and still holding strong!  Which is why they remain in my closet!

The second look below is a favorite combo of mine, yes, jeans and a blazer!  The velvet blazer and denim I found at a local discount store for $9.99 each, new with tags!  I love bargain finds!  I added a leopard print belt and leopard print Sam Edelman low heels which I found at my local Clothes Mentor for just $22.00!  They have a rounded chunky gold plated heel which makes them unique!  This look is perfect for the office, lunch date, or even dinner and drinks!  I loved the navy velvet blazer!  And the Aldo purse, I found at my local Ross!

Always, know, if you are comfortable wearing it all, leopard print, go for it!  But if you want to take baby steps, the outfits above show you how to style leopard print little by little!  I have also linked some of my favorites below that I have purchased recently and waiting to receive, have purchased in past, or will purchase soon!  Happy shopping and remember, don't let anyone tell you that you are less because of where you shop!  Or because you shop bargains like I do!  Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't afford something or you are "poor" because you choose bargains on everything including designer, over full price designer all the time!!  I am witness that even those expensive designer items fall apart faster than the dupe or the look for less brand!


Eva Mendes Leopard Print Pieces

NYandCo Leopard Print Front Tie Sweater

NYanCo Faux Fur Leopard Print Motto Jacket

NYandCo Leopard Print Bootie

Leopard Print PJ Dress

Half Zip Leopard Print Mini

Tesso Genuine Calf Hair Clutch

Square Keeper Calf Hair Belt


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