Fall Sweaters For Less Way Less!

Happy Tuesday October 16, 2018 guys!  This year is quickly going fast and soon the Holidays will be here!  But let's not panic!  Let us enjoy sweater weather!  On a recent trip to my local Wal-Mart, they happen to have the women's clothing on the edge of the aisle as you are making way toward the cashiers!  And I see sweaters, all styles, all colors, I can't help but stop my grocery cart and look!  They are soft, they are modern, and they are AFFORDABLE!  Yes, very affordable! 

I purchased the same sweater photographed below in all the colors, because it was like the price of one at a high end department store!  If you have never shopped clothing at Wal-Mart whatever the reason may be, don't knock it till you try it as they say!  For me it is not all about the name on the label or the fact that it came from a high end department store (some people are all about that life, no worries, that's okay)  I shop high end department stores too, but not for every single thing, because I have learned from doing so, that the lower priced clothing lasts longer and has better quality than most high end clothing!

So with that said, I have linked my favorite sweaters available online at Wal-Mart!  The V-Neck Tunic I am wearing below has sold out online and is not available as of today, so you might be able to find it at your local Wal-Mart!  If you buy sweaters at Wal-Mart and love the fit, style, material, and price, let me know!

Women's Cowl Neck Tunic Sweater

Time and Tru Plush Duster Cardigan

Time and Tru Double Knit Cardigan

Happy Shopping Babes!



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