Mommy and Me Leopard Print: Finding Looks for Us Both!

Happy Saturday Babes!  Is everyone ready for Thanksgiving? Black Friday?  Christmas? New Years Eve?  Is it me or did the year pass us by way too fast?!  I mean it was just Summer yesterday!  Well, I am sure ready for the upcoming holidays!  I put together my entire family's looks for Thanksgiving last week and I am so excited to share it with you all on the actual holiday!  It was the most affordable of looks I've styled for us all (we are a family of six)!

Now, to today's blog post discussion!  Recently my daughter and I have been wearing matching outfits on the weekends!  It was hard at first, because my daughter is the total opposite of me!  She is the only girl, so she is rough, she is tough, and she doesn't like her hair up at all or wearing bows!  She only likes leggings and jeggings!  She hates denim!  I know she will grow out of it when she gets older, and that is why I don't mind letting her be comfortable now, letting her be a kid, even if she wants leggings 24/7!  If we do buy her dresses or skirts, she always wants leggings underneath!  But I can say that if I sweet talk her into it, she does it for ME and only ME!

Today's look was the Fall 2018 must have, leopard print!  I am linking all items for each of us below!  I will tell y'all that my sweatshirt is from the girls department at my local Sears!  This Momma fit into a girl's size XL 18-20!  I am 5'3 and I have small boobs y'all, so I was able to get the biggest size and I must say, if fits comfortably!  So I have also linked several good finds in women's sizes!

I must say, we took selfies and photos at the Mall because we have been so busy today, we didn't have a chance to go somewhere with a nice backdrop or scenery!  Y'all it's hard to get kids to take pictures, let alone a little girl who hates them more than ever!  And let me be honest and say that while I am excited to be a part of Like To Know It, I really don't like to use it because I can never link exact items, and if I find similar looks, the app only gives me expensive options, y'all know I am ALL about looks for less, affordable fashion!  Maybe I don't know how to search them yet, or I am not tech savvy to find the best deals, so bare with me on that app, but I do think from now on, I will do direct links to the items still available online that are exact items!  Especially for my followers and supporters that love a good deal!


My Daughter's Look:

My Exact Look (Minus earrings I couldn't locate but are from Forever21):

Similar Sweatshirts:


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