The Fab Five Fashionsta's: Use Your Power To Empower

Hello faithful followers and readers!  It's been a minute since I last blogged with life getting so busy and the Holidays literally around the corner!  But before I start bringing the Holiday outfits and ideas for this Season, let me start by saying that my Fashion sister's and I decided to collaborate with a powerful printed t-shirt from Target!

What does "empower" mean to you?  Empower to me means supporting you, loving your ideas, encouraging you, and giving you all the positivity you deserve and want in life!  More importantly, using that power to empower!  Especially in today's world where the Internet can become so toxic and mean!  Yes, mean!  I say that because people can get nasty behind the keyboard!  Women especially can be so critical, judging, nasty, and non-supportive of other women!  There are women who follow you on your social media platforms, never support you, never show you love, but are quick to point out what they see is "wrong with you".  Some women even talk about you and just follow you to be nosy, yes, just to see what your doing and where you're going!  And is it necessary to down talk what "brands" you buy?  Why their designer is better than what you choose to buy?! 

That is why, when my girls and I saw this Vital Voices t-shirt, we decided it would be the perfect message to continue to spread positivity and encouragement to our fellow sister's, women!  Let us use our powers to empower one another!  Let us support each other's taste in fashion, style, brands, non-brands, cultures, life styles, etc.  Let us as women show each other support in all aspects of life, from raising our kids to our individuality styles in fashion!

You all know our stories, how we met, how we have become like sisters in blood, how five women from different states, different ethnicities, and different cultures, came together in the name of fashion!  We all share the same passions in fashion, life style, and all things beauty!  We are always each other's encouragement, supporter, and listening ear!  I love my fashion sister's dearly and I can't imagine life without them now!  We are constantly chatting, sending each other outfit ideas, asking each other advice on certain looks we might not be feeling, but that support, encouragement, and empowerment is so magical and full of positivity, that we love how at the end of the day we come together and support each other!

So, with that said, here is how we each styled the Vital Voices for A New Day "Use Your Power To Empower" t-shirt!  Each of us styled it beautifully and I am so humbled to say that we all looked FABULOUS!  I have linked each of my sister's in fashion social media platforms so that you can follow them for the complete outfit details as well as see their amazing styles!  I am also linking the t-shirt in any case you would love to purchase it and style it!  Be sure if you do to tag me so that I can re-post your look!

My look was styled with a plaid mini skirt, well, because I am obsessed with mini skirts this Fall!  The skirt is Wild Fable from Target and I am wearing a medium, it was only $20.00.  The blazer is Time and Tru from Walmart and I am wearing a size 4-6, it was $24.94.  The Vital Voices t-shirt is from Target, which I've linked below, and my sock booties are from Forever21 were $42.00.  I am linking my entire outfit below!

ChicToStreetStyleMom Outfit Details:
Wild Fable Plaid Skirt
A New Day Vital Voices Graphic T-Shirt
Time and Tru Long Blazer: Black
Stiletto Sock Booties: Forever21

Curly Byrdie Chirps "Mary"

Curls and High Heels: Reyni

Emanee's Closet "Ayesha"

Curly Petite Renee "Yolanda"

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time out of your day to thoroughly read my posts!  I am truly grateful and I hope you continue to stop by! As always, happy shopping!



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