Self Care in 2019! Health, Workouts, and Workout Gear!

Every year, everyone decides to make resolutions.  Working out more, eating healthier, and investing in all this workout equipment and gear!  But how long do folks honestly truly go before they give up?  The average person's "New Year, New Me" only lasts about a month before giving up!  Yes, that means that a month into the resolution, there is losing focus, time lacks, and many other reasons.  So what can we do to not lose focus?  Well, let me begin with my experiences and story!  As you all know, I am a stay-at-home mother of four, ages 16, 9, 7, and 6!  Three boys and one girl!  I have always been an active mom, but within the last seven months, it has become very difficult for me to find the time nor energy to sneak in workouts! I used to go to Zumba classes every morning at 9:00 a.m. right after dropping three kids off to school and taking the youngest boy with me!  He would do amazing, he would sit for the whole entire hour while Mommy got her sweat on!  Then we'd drive home, I'd shower and start off our day, handling errands, doing the home chores, and all in time to pick up the three kiddos in school!  Boy, I couldn't wait for my youngest to start Kindergarten so that Mommy could continue her routine! 

Then come August 2018, when all kids are finally in school and I could dedicate Zumba and other classes with no worries, my youngest of two sisters had her first baby, a boy!  And when asked if I could watch him, I felt bad sending my infant nephew to daycare knowing that I'd be home and it wouldn't be more difficult than the four I already had!  Well, it is hard!  I wasn't used to having a newborn (6 weeks old) all my kids are way past that stage!  It is like starting all over again!  It is like I have five kids, yes five kids!  So, my workouts drastically diminished, my schedule now includes nap times, feedings, rocking to sleep, carrying a car seat to the store, it's like being a new mom all over again!  But with a nephew!

He's now 8 months old and starting to understand when he has to be put down and when Auntie has to do her chores!  In between all this I find time to photograph outfits for the blog, run errands that cannot wait till evening times, take my kiddos to appointments, all while carrying a car seat or pushing a stroller!  Now, I am not complaining about the cutie by any means, simply explaining why my workouts and exercising diminished drastically to almost not working out at all!

Which leads me to talk about the importance of self-care and how I am making 2019 more about me and LESS about everyone else!  This doesn't mean I am selfish, this just means that this Mom of four (five including my nephew) needs time to take care of herself!  As a mother, we tend to put ourselves last, we tend to please our children, spouse, other family members, and we quickly forget about ourselves, often leaving us the sense of being overwhelmed and experiencing anxiety!  I didn't start my journey January 1st, I waited a week, but since then I have chosen to regain my healthy eating, cardio workouts in my garage, and mat exercises!  This year and moving forward, I want to have that time for myself again!  I want to get back to my Zumba classes in the mornings and cardio in my garage in the evenings without feeling too tired, stressed, lost, anxious, or lacking energy.  Self-care is quickly becoming the norm, in today's society most households require both husband and wife to work to make ends meet or live comfortably.  Single parent's quickly forget about themselves because they are consumed with work to raise their child(ren).  I feel it is the time for all my mom's out there that suffer similar or some of these conditions, to finally make it about THEM!  And this means, finding that time to workout, meal prepping, making time for a bubble bath without kids yelling for you all the time!  We live in a world where today, it is all about making everyone happy and we don't do the same for ourselves!

So, for all my moms, whether it is one, two, three, or more kiddos, take some time to pamper yourself, go to that cycling class, get in that garage and put in some miles, and make yourself some healthy meals and shakes!  We deserve it!  We deserve to take care of ourselves, we only have one body, one life!
And below I have linked some of my current favorite workout pieces to give you that motivation if you haven't found the time!  If I can find the time with five kids at home now, running a blog, attending social events, and taking care of my family, I am sure you will too!

Links to some of my favorite workout brands:

Athletic Works Leggings
Avia Long Sleeve Active Top
Avia Sports Bra
Color Block Legging Forever21
High Rise Mesh Compression Leggings
C9 Champion Strappy Sports Bra
C9 High Waist Leggings

Let's do this Momma's, let's make this and the rest of our lives about taking care of our bodies, de-stressing, pampering, and eating healthy!  We can do this, I can do this, and we will put ourselves, our bodies, and our minds before anyone else! Self-care with no guilt!



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