Styling Your Skirts in Winter!

Hello Babes:

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!  This week's blog post is giving you inspo and tips when styling those skirts for winter, especially short skirts "mini's"!  This year short skirts have been an absolute favorite of mine, you probably noticed that already if you follow my social media accounts!  Well, because you see, this Mama still loves to rock those short skirts!  But some days, we have cold weather in Texas, and by cold I mean low 40's!  So, if I wear a short skirt, I usually like to either wear thick stalkings or a nice big coat to keep me warm!

You can choose to style these skirts with over the knee boots or ankle boots to give you different types of looks!  And you can wear a high or low heel, a block or stiletto heel, there are so many styles for us all!  Styling skirts in winter is all up to you and how comfortable you feel wearing them!  I am in the southern part of the U.S. so we don't get the harsh winters that the North and East parts of the U.S. get!

I styled today's skirt with black suede slouch mid calf boots and a heavy style black velvet coat!  I was actually okay all day without stalkings because I also had a warm sweater and a heavy velvet coat!  My boots were a sale find at my local JcPenney several weeks ago (linking them below), the skirt was $24.99 at my local H&M (linking below), and the sweater was a clearance find also at my local H&M (linking below)!  The coat was a resale shop find at my local Clothes Mentor!

My Look(Linking a similar affordable coat):

And below are some examples of styling skirts with stalkings:

Styling these skirts can be so easy if the weather permits to go without stalkings or coats!  But if it gets too cold, always layer your look 1) to keep you warm and cozy 2) style appropriate look for winter and 3) for that chic and stylish look! Below I am linking some cute skirts, sweaters, tops, and stalkings you may want to shop, since they are all super affordable!

Affordable Skirts, Sweaters, Tops & Stalkings:

There are so many more I could link for you all, but I wanted to link my favorites!  I hope this helps if you are thinking about wearing a short skirt!  I have so many looks on my social media accounts like Instagram (chictostreetstylemom) that you can certainly get more inspiration from, just search through my uploaded photos!  



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