My Top Five Reason's to Shop Resale & Thrift Stores!

Hi there!  I hope this start of 2019 has everyone feeling great, accomplishing goals from the smallest tasks to the most difficult ones!  You can do this!  January seemed like the longest start of the year for me!  And I am ready for February to be quick and painless! 

Today's blog post, I discuss resale shopping and thrifting!  As you all know (for my new readers, I'll tell again) I love a good bargain!  I love dressing up for less, way way less!  All while looking expensive and on trend with my resale and thrift finds!  Don't get me wrong, I do splurge from time to time and buy the regular price item or accessory, but it has to be on my I really want list!  But for the most part, I will shop straight clearance racks, resale shops, and thrift stores!  Hey, I have amazing luck, most of the time I get items new with tags or almost not worn, probably once or twice!  All I do is rewash or laundry drop off if its not machine washable and I hand dry them all!

I also find clothing for my kids and most are brand new with tags as well!  You see in order to have successful resale or thrift finds, you must go prepared!  I always have a list of what the kids need or what they have outgrown!  So, I know specifically what I am searching for!  Also, if we have like a special occasion, I will shop resale stores first, because in the past, I've found my boys suits brand new with tags attached, or dresses for my daughter new with the tags attached!  Otherwise, you will get overwhelmed or buy things you don't need!  I do the same for myself, I start jotting down what I would love to find for less to style and I get to the resale shop or thrift store ready to browse!  My trips don't feel overwhelming, frustrating, or endless!  I'm in and out!

Recently on a trip to my local Uptown Cheapskate, I was on the hunt for a light black motto style jacket, a camel suede motto jacket, burgundy or red short dresses, and red shorts!  While I was there, I scored the little black motto jacket during their Mega markdown sale for just $1.00 (Sunny Leigh brand)!  A camel suede motto jacket for $12.99 (Indigo Saints), plaid shift dress as I styled below (brand Cherish) for $11.99 (online says it may be from Shoptiques), the ASOS floral embroidered short dress styled below for $9.99, and I also scored some red JCrew shorts for $8.99, and camel suede asymmetrical skort brand new with tag for just $12.99!  Stay tuned for those items to be styled by me!

So, with that said, here are my Top Five Reasons to shop resale/thrift stores:

1.  One and done (wears it only once);
2.  Trendy pieces that most likely won't be in style the following Season;
3.  If its for a one time event (birthday parties, weddings, hanging out with
4.  Items that can be worn Season after Season; AND
5.  Designer clothing or accessories that are in the best condition, and you'll have
     several years of wear on them!

Below are some of the finds I styled, I am loving every resale find from this haul at my local Uptown Cheapskate!  A girl can take the most affordable finds and make them look fabulous, you just have to know what you want and go hunt for it!

Remember, don't be shy to try and shop resale or thrift stores!  Hey, it is your money and you don't need to explain to people unless you want to!  I know plenty of people who have given me the "ugly rolling of eyes" when I tell them I bought it resale.  Listen, I'm not one of those women who is ashamed or embarrassed!  I even shop garage sales in the Summers!  No shame in my game!  And if women or people look down on you for wearing someone elses buy, who cares!  Like the saying goes, "One man's trash is another man's treasure"!  Especially things that are brand new with tags, heck, those are definitely treasures!  For you never know how that person on the other end is who is all about high end, brand names, for all you know, they are consumed in debt or broke!  Mean while, the frugal shopper has a nice stash!!!  Love the clothes you're in!



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