Fashion Finds For Less! Why I Shop for Less!

Hey, hey fellow blog readers!  It has been a minute for me on the keyboard typing away my thoughts and passions!  Life gets crazy busy at times, and I just have to remind myself that sitting at my computer(yes, I still sit at an actual desktop computer) typing about the things I enjoy, this is my happy place!  It is my time away from the world, my kids, my husband, and it is the time I have to blog about the many great things I find in this life of style and fashion!

Recently, I have been finding some really cute clothes at a few of my favorite resale shops and discount stores!  Let me start by reminding those that already follow my blog, those new to y blog, and those just stopping by because my social media plat forms provided my link for you to visit my site, that I don't mind and have never said I wouldn't buy used clothing and accessories!  On the contrary, and like I've said before, I don't wearing gently used or new with tags if someone doesn't want them!  I buy resale, I thrift, I garage sale shop, I even buy from discount stores, wait, let me tell you all, I even buy clothing at Family Dollar!

Don't get me wrong, I love shopping designer too!  But once its discounted by a lot!  Or, if it is a gift and they paid full price!  I am not ashamed to tell you where I got my clothes or how much it cost! I humble myself in being grateful I can buy myself and my family amazing things at low low prices!  It is however, harder now to talk my sixteen year old son into sale and clearance racks!  He currently shops Tilly's, Zumiez, Urban Outfitters, and H&M(Pricey at some point)!  He does compromise from time to time and joins me when I resale shop at our local Plato's Closet (I've trained him to search for almost new items or new with tags)  So, I basically wear it all, as long as it fits, I love the style, material, and colors, I will wear it!

One thing I do not like, when women look at you like you are a germ or something awful for buying non-designer.  I've even had family members give me the ugliest looks and expression when I said I found that cute blouse at stores people wouldn't normally think of going (including drug stores)!  I shop for less not because I am cheap, but because I am smart with my coins!  I make sure the clothing I buy are quality material (no one wash and done pieces), trendy, classic, and pieces I can wear Season after Season!  So never be afraid to shop stores you wouldn't normally go to!  You'll be surprised at the cute stuff I have found!  And never make anyone make you feel any less because you aren't buying the designer, high end, current Season clothing and accessories!

Top: Walmart Time and Tru Ruffled Sleeve Top
         $9.94 (currently out of stock on all colors and print)
Jeans: Kohls (A few Season's ago)
Tennis Shoes: Guess-Ross Dress for Less Department Store $24.99

Time and Tru Scoop Neck Tee Ruffled Sleeves-Walmart
French Terry Ruffle Sleeve Sweatshirt-Old Navy
A New Day Ruffled Sleeve T-Shirt-TargetSoft Slub Ruffle Tee-GAP
GUESS Catching Sneaker-Nordstrom Rack

DD's Discount Store Finds:
Striped Midi Dress $12.99
Linen Spaghetti Strap Dress $11.99
Floral Mini Fit and Flare Dress $5.49 (Clearance)

Striped Midi Dress-Forever21
Mimi Chica Striped Midi Dress-Nordstrom Rack

Linen Blend Cami Dress-Forever21

LuLu's Floral Mini Dress
BCX Floral Printed Dress-Macys
Zaful Floral Mini
Forever21 Chunky Platform Heel

I hope you all enjoyed today's blog post!  I linked similar items to what I found, but always remember, also be sure to check your local stores(if any in your state/area) and you might score my exact deal!



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