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Styling Summer Pieces Into Fall!

Hello my Fashionista friends!  I do have to say that I am a bit sad that the blog has not let me upload the photos to go with the post!  I have emailed and messaged the proper department for blog spot and I have not seen any responses or results!

But while I do await to hear, let's talk about Fall!  What is your favorite essential piece for Fall, what colors or patterns are you most excited about?!  I can tell you that for me, there are always classic pieces which I always wear Fall after Fall (until they give out on me) and some of those are, the classic black blazer, classic denim, classic black pumps, and classic white button down shirts!

Every Fall there are a few trends I fall in love with and this Season those are, over sized handbags, rich dark hues, plaid, and color mixing Fall hues!  But before, I fully get into Fall fashion and style, I like to slowly transition some of my summer pieces into Pre-Fall by adding touches of Fall colors, patterns, and styles!  I do this by s…

Pre-Fall Looks and Deals!

As Fall approaches, I start to envision looks with blazers, jeans, and even Summer pieces that are easy to transition!

The look with the printed blazer and jeans was a deal! The blazer was $4.99! Yes, clearance for just $4.99 at my local Cato Fashion's!  The ankle jeans were $12.49 at my local Rue21, and the peep-toe mules were also clearance at my local Cato Fashion's just under $10!

The look with the color block jumpsuit is an easy Summer to Fall transition! The burgundy blazer I've had for a few season's, so I paired it with the strapless Summer jumpsuit which I found for under $17 at my local Ross Dress For Less store!

I'm always on the hunt for deals on clothing I will be able to wear over and over! I can't wait to share more on my blog and also my Instagram and Twitter for you all!