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The Fall/Winter Coats You'll Want To Own!

Hello my faithful readers and blog followers!  Hope all you babes are doing wonderful!  The countdown is on for Christmas now that Thanksgiving is over!  Lookout for Holiday looks coming to the blog this weekend!

But in the meantime, let me show you some of my favorite affordable coats that you will want for Fall into Winter!  I found my leopard print coat at my local Ross Department Store for $24.99!  And I've already started to style it different ways from dressing it up to casual looks!  The camel trench coat I've had for several Season's and I never get rid of if because it is light enough for cool temps but not extreme cold!  It's Who What Wear Collection from my local Target!

I love styling pretty coats with dresses, pencil skirts, and jeans!  You can always dress a coat up or down depending on where you are going!  So take a look at some links I have put for you all in case you are looking for that perfect Winter coat!  I have linked the most affordable and cute…

Mommy and Me Leopard Print: Finding Looks for Us Both!

Happy Saturday Babes!  Is everyone ready for Thanksgiving? Black Friday?  Christmas? New Years Eve?  Is it me or did the year pass us by way too fast?!  I mean it was just Summer yesterday!  Well, I am sure ready for the upcoming holidays!  I put together my entire family's looks for Thanksgiving last week and I am so excited to share it with you all on the actual holiday!  It was the most affordable of looks I've styled for us all (we are a family of six)!
Now, to today's blog post discussion!  Recently my daughter and I have been wearing matching outfits on the weekends!  It was hard at first, because my daughter is the total opposite of me!  She is the only girl, so she is rough, she is tough, and she doesn't like her hair up at all or wearing bows!  She only likes leggings and jeggings!  She hates denim!  I know she will grow out of it when she gets older, and that is why I don't mind letting her be comfortable now, letting her be a kid, even if she wants leggi…

The Fab Five Fashionsta's: Use Your Power To Empower

Hello faithful followers and readers!  It's been a minute since I last blogged with life getting so busy and the Holidays literally around the corner!  But before I start bringing the Holiday outfits and ideas for this Season, let me start by saying that my Fashion sister's and I decided to collaborate with a powerful printed t-shirt from Target!

What does "empower" mean to you?  Empower to me means supporting you, loving your ideas, encouraging you, and giving you all the positivity you deserve and want in life!  More importantly, using that power to empower!  Especially in today's world where the Internet can become so toxic and mean!  Yes, mean!  I say that because people can get nasty behind the keyboard!  Women especially can be so critical, judging, nasty, and non-supportive of other women!  There are women who follow you on your social media platforms, never support you, never show you love, but are quick to point out what they see is "wrong with you&…