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My Favorite Denim, Sweater, and Boots!

Happy Tuesday Loves!  Today's blog post will be shorter than usual because I just wanted to direct link today's outfit and a few of my favorite jeans and sweaters!  Some are not currently available online and sold out(sorry) but I am linking similar styles!

I love Texas days in late Fall and into Winter where we get that good all you need is a sweater, jeans, and boots kind of day!  While I love layering, sometimes I feel like I look bulky and more top heavy than I normally am!  And while I love being a part of the Like To Know It app, some days I dislike that I cannot link my exact purchases!  So, I try and choose the items most similar and least expensive!  I am not a Like To Know It savvy pro yet, so bare with me!

Although my sweater I am wearing today is no longer available online, I am still linking it in any case you like it and want to be added to their list once it becomes available!  But I have linked my exact jeans! And my Aldo bag was a sale find at my local Ross, b…

The Fab Five Fashionista's: The Christmas Edition!

Happy Monday Babes!  This late night blog post is finally here because, well life has been hectic the last week or so!  And, with Christmas around the corner, well, let's just say, the race is on!  This collaboration with my girlfriend's and fashion sisters is our Christmas Edition!  We give you five different looks you can get ideas on for that perfect holiday outfit!  What I loved about this collaboration is that even though we all love most of the same stores, but we all brought totally different looks for you to get ideas from!

Whether you are going to a fancy Christmas party, office party, or just hanging with your family, we have holiday outfit ideas for you!

I have glam and casual looks for you!  The first is an Eva Mendes emerald green dress from New York and Company!  I paired it with gold accessories for that glam feel!  The sequins mini clutch and gold pumps are resale shop finds at my local Plato's closet (mixing new with old)!  The second look is casual yet ch…