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Target Fall Favorites: The Fab Five Fashionsta's Collab!

Hi there beautiful peeps! Hope you all are doing great!  I can't believe Fall is around the corner! Like where did the year go!  After our Summer vacation this year, I feel like time just flew by so quickly!  Everywhere I go I see Fall decor, Halloween decor, and even Christmas decor!  I am over this Texas heat, but not ready to let go of Summer just yet!

So with Fall around the corner, my fashion sister's and I decided to start off with styles for Fall from one of our favorite stores, Target!  Did I mention three of us ended up with the same dress?!  I love how we are all in sync with our styles, that is why we are sisters in fashion!

Let me start with the famous dress three of us ended up with!  I mean gives us all the animal prints, but what made us fall in love with this dress, it also has all the earth tones that are huge this Fall season!  I've linked the dress below as well!

I decided to give this Who What Wear collection dress a chic pre-fall look by just keeping i…

Transition a Summer Romper Into Fall!

Welcome back loves!  If you are stopping by to read this week's style tips, thanks so much!  I truly appreciate each and everyone of you that stops by and takes a moment to read my weekly blog posts!  Social media has made it harder for bloggers!  Most people just click that like button and don't even bother to click links in bloggers' Bio's to read what we work hard to prepare for you all!  So I am truly grateful for those who continue to read my blog posts!  Now, lets get started with this weeks topic!  How would you style your Summer pieces to transition them into Fall?!

Every season we spend money on clothes appropriate for it, but what do we do when we have so much in our closets?  Especially those of us who like to keep clothes for several years or even those that like to just hoard clothing and lose count of what you actually have!  And sometimes, some of us just love shopping and trust me, that can pile up clothes really fast!  So much that sometimes you forget…

My Pre-Fall Look Featuring Ninewest X Kohls!

Happy Saturday Loves!  I've chosen to blog on a Saturday in between lunch with my kiddos and date night with my husband!  Even though it is still in the high 90's almost triple digits weather, I am so ready for these Pre-Fall looks and even Fall/Winter looks!  So excited for the animal print takeover!  Animal prints are making a huge mark this Season and I am all for it!  These prints can be dressed up or down!

Snakeskin print has also become like a neutral that can be combined with subtle tones as well as pretty brights!  And whether it is leopard, cheetah, or zebra prints, they have also become the most fun prints to style!  Let me begin to show you what I have styled below and the details as well as links!

Did you know Ninewest is now available at Kohls?!  Yes, and I am here for it!  I have long bought this brand in shoes and accessories, and now I am so excited clothing pieces have made their way to Kohls!  This slinky mock neck snakeskin print blouse is effortless, it has…

My Skin Care Routine! How To Keep Skin Glowing and Acne Free!

Happy Wednesday Loves!  I don't know about you Moms out there, but my kids go back to school tomorrow Thursday August 15, 2019!!  They are excited but also kind of scared!  Remember to give them confidence and re-assurance that they got this!  I officially have a high school senior, 5th grader, 2nd grader, and 1st grader!  Yes, a senior in high school!! Where has the time gone!

Well, aside from getting four kids ready for school, I am also getting myself ready to get back into the workforce!  While I have enjoyed the last ten years being at home raising them, it is now time for me to get back to my degree major and work while they are in school!  Plus the oldest will start college next year and we don't want him to be drowned in school debt, so we have chosen to financially help him as long as he stays in school and chooses a field he will have the most use of with his degree!

Now, all that said, it makes me feel old!!! But my skin doesn't reflect it!  Here's why:  Sin…

Style Tips: The Summer Into Fall White Dress!

Hey Babes!

Starting this week's blog with some style inspiration for that  crisp white dress Summer dress!  I know in some states, such as my home state of Texas, there are still triple digit temps!  But Fall is around the corner and before you know it, you will be able to wear those Fall blazers, cardigans, and long sleeves without melting away!

So let me get started by showing you what I did with my Walter Baker white pleated fit and flare dress!  I started by pairing it with a huge trend we have been seeing since last season, and that is animal prints!  These snakeskin print block heels were purchased at my local Cato Fashions store.  The leopard print envelope clutch I have had for several years and its also from Cato Fashions (I can never seem to let certain staple pieces go)!  The Walter Baker dress retails over $200.00 and I scored it at my local DD's Discount Store for $6.99!  To transition this dress into early Fall, I styled it with a black blazer, Time and Tru from …